Uncle Rudy’s Indoor Firing Range

Uncle Rudy's Indoor Firing Range

Uncle Rudy’s indoor range (website here) features a clean and spacious indoor shooting range here in Evansville. It is currently the only indoor shooting range in Evansville.

Unfortunately, that’s where the pros end. Uncle Rudy’s is staffed with mostly rude or socially inept staff. They definitely lean in to the meme of gun store owners being rude. It makes you question their business model in the first place.

I assume they make most of their money selling guns online or something, because the facility is very nice and very big and there is always a bunch of staff in the place but hardly any customers.

I would not recommend visiting them. It would be better to wait until there are competing ranges in Evansville or to travel outside of Evansville to shoot.

Uncle Rudy’s gets a 2/10 stars.

Experiences vary, but most complaints seem to hinge around Patrick DeSpain and his condescending and elitist attitude. It’s sad because he appears to be a sort of manager and they do have 1 really good instructor, Jonathan McConnell. Mr McConnell is knowledgeable about firearms and very thorough in his approach.

Patrick, on the other hand, acts very disturbed that he has to interact with people and will try to point out any pedantic syntax, jargon, or grammar issue when less knowledgeable customers are trying to communicate with him.

Their online presence is also lack luster. They maintain a WordPress page that has a link to book range time for members, but you will find that booking range time on the website does nothing.

It’s definitely sad to see a place like this go to waste. Hopefully they will improve on their customer service skills and the general company culture. I think with a little humility and some restructuring of the staff, they could go a long way to salvaging this place and making it a welcoming and inclusive place for new and veteran gun enthusiasts alike.

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